Bless It Forward Ministries

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I have the following spaces

2 Spaces for 3 months - 5 years depending on days and hours needed.
1 Spaces for 5 years - 8 years 

I currently have space free for before and after school care

I am registered with Derbyshire County Council to accept the 2year old free childcare funding.


What we get up to

Below you can see some of what the children and me enjoy getting up to.

The children have access to a playroom filled with toys and equipment they can use. Even so, they sometimes lose interest in these and need some inspiration and new ideas of ways to play to get them started again.

I often set up play materials for the children to come and discover and play with in any way that they choose. I leave the children to explore the play freely as they wish, so they can take the play to where their imagination leads them. This type of play our favourite!

We do have a blog page called Creative Kids, where I blog the activities we enjoy for other childcare providers and parents,as I love to inspire them to create some great memories with their own children, but children only take part in the blog with parents permission.

Messy Play

I use different mediums including rice, corn flour, sand, paint, saw dust and more. The use of mixed media provides valuable sensory experiences for all the children, they are able to put their messy clothes on and use this time to develop their skills

Kids Can Cook

I also do cooking with  the children which provides many beneficial learning experiences and a chance to taste and try new foods and learn how to eat healthy

Role Play

The children have plenty of opportunities to take part and enjoy role play, this allows the children to make sense of the world around them, to explore and understand relationships, and to take on and rehearse new and familiar roles.They encourage communication, negotiation and sharing whilst also giving scope for the extension of early numeracy and literacy understanding. Such rich opportunities for learning in one small area!


The children all enjoy taking part and exploring in a wide range of craft activities.

Music and Dance

The children enjoy taking part in music and dancing activities, it allows them to use their imagination and be creative.

Babies Can Play too

I like to set little activities to help babies build on their playing to help them to become  with familiar objects, exploring shapes. To help them build on their motor skills: grabbing, dropping, rolling, placing in and taking out, hand/eye co-ordination, and to help build on their concentration skills, determination and thinking skill.

Reading Fun

We like to find fun ways to enjoy reading and telling stories

Mark Making

We love to find lots of creative ways to encourage the children with their marking skill which is important for them to develop their writing skills.


We love to get creative with maths, so the children can have lots of fun learning about numbers, and shapes.

Out and about in our local community

When ever I can we always get out and about in our local community which provides some great learning opportunities for the children.

Toddler Time Group

We enjoy going out to our local toddler time group, it’s a great way for the children to be out in their local community and build friendships. As well as having lots of fun learning through play.

Soft Play Centre

The children enjoy running around and exploring the play equipment and is great for developing their physical skills.

Nature Walks

We all enjoy taking walks around different local natures areas at different time of the year, it provides the children with great opportunities to explore their local environment and learn how it works.

Trips to Lanes Farm

We enjoy going up to the local farm in Breaston and feeding the animals.

Special Trips Out

We also enjoy going on more special trips and outings.