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Bless It Forward Ministries supporter

Cancellation Policy

If at any time you decide you no longer wish to be a supporter of Bless It Forward Ministries, you are able to cancel your BIF Ministries Resources group subscription. There is no time limit or scale you are being held to. You just simply via your pay pal account cancel your subscription and I will be just notified you have cancel.


How to Unsubscribe via PayPal

  • Please follow the steps below to cancel a PayPal subscription:

  • Log in to your PayPal account at

  • Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."

  • Select Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings."

  • Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel...

  • ...and click the Cancel Subscription button.

  • Confirm your request to finalise the cancellation.

  • PayPal Help Page.

IF YOU DID NOT USE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - If you used a direct Credit Card or Debit Card for your subscription you should find a link on one of your emails about your subscription payment you can click on to cancel your subscription.


If at any time you are trying to cancel your subscription and are having issues, please do contact me at and we will be happy to help.


Once you cancel your subscription you will no longer receive the emails with updates and newsletters, your name will be removed from the mailing list.


As always, any more question please do just ask.


Many Blessings

Emma xo

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