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GDPR Information For Bless It Forward Ministries

Bless It Forward Ministries Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice is written by Emma Vickers, Founder of Bless It Forward Ministries.

As a small business and ministry, I am required to use and keep personal data for processing orders, running courses, and doing my accounts etc, and I am required to inform you of how I both process and store personal data for Bless It Forward Ministries.

Data collected and how I use this data

I collect the following data;

Bless It Forward Etsy Shop Orders

What data is processed? – Names, addresses, emails, payments via etsy or paypal, personal data such as dates and names for customised orders.

* Customised designs using personal data such as dates and names, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to share this information with Bless It Forward, which will be stored securely and will only be use for the customer’s order only

Lawful / legal basis for recording the data – To process orders made by customers.

Bless It Forward Ministies - Bible Journaling Workshops

What data is processed? – Names, addresses, emails, payments made via paypal.

Lawful / legal basis for recording the data – To communicate infomration with people who are instrested in my bible journaling workshops and to book their place on a course they wish to attened.

Bless It Forward Social Media Accounts - (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

What data is processed? - Names, addresses, emails, Payments via paypal.

Bless It Forward Ministries uses social media accounts, to allow people who find us to send us messages to find out more about us, our bible journaling workshops, to place orders and all information is collected through the message boxes on these sites.

Lawful / legal basis for recording the data - To process orders made by customers, or to share information the customers requests.

Bless It Forward Ministires Supporter Subcription

What data is processed? - Names, addresses, emails, and payment via paypal.

Lawful / legal basis for recording the data – To process subscriptions, share information with suppoters, as part of their subscription (newsletters, upcoming and montly PDF design file).

Payment Processing

Any payments that are made for orders, or booking workshops are processed by a third parties sites ie Etsy or Paypal.

Third Party Websites: (Etsy, Paypal, Facebook etc) These sites are governed by their own privacy statements, and Bless It Forward are not responsible for their operations, including but not limited to their information practices. Users submitting information to or through these third-party websites should review the privacy statements of these sites before providing them with personally identifiable information.

All data I used as part of Bless It Forward Ministries is viewed and processed either using my laptop which has a password system to be accessed. Or my mobile phone which is fingerprint protected. All my passwords are regularly changed and updated and I am covered by ICO.

Date Sharing - No data is shared with any outside companies, any data I get as part of Bless It Forward Ministires is only used by us to mange orders, courses and subscriptions.


Any data required or held by me is secure and held only by myself, and it will not be distributed to any third parties unless I have your permission or is required for for lawful / legal basis; for example, I am required to share my accounts with HMRC if they request it (please read retention of data).

You may request details of personal information which I hold about you and you may ask for them to be deleted, unless required for lawful / legal basis.

Retention of Data

I do not retain customers information any longer then required, but I will retain the following information for accounts / HMRC

  • What data is processed? – Documentation required for preparing accounts for HMRC.

  • Data refers to – invoices, receipts, payments from customers.

  • Lawful / legal basis for recording the data – the legal basis for processing this data is ‘legal obligation’ because it is required by HMRC.

  • Data sharing – the document may be shared on request with HMRC.

  • Data storage – the documents will be stored securely in paper / online format.

  • Data retention – HMRC state: ‘I must keep records for at least 5 years after the 31 January submission deadline of the relevant tax year. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) may check my records to make sure you're paying the right amount of tax.

  • Data destruction – after the required length of time, the documents will be shredded / securely deleted.

All other data collected if not needed for lawful / legal basis is deleted ASAP after obtaining it if no longer required.

Data Breaches

I will be obligated to notify the ICO of a data breach within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach. We understand the huge fines in place for failing to follow correct procedures for a breach in data.

Emma Vickers

Bless It Forward Ministries

Please note I am happy for people copy and edit this policy for their own businesses if applies/helps, but please do give credit to organial source, Many Thanks.

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