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Exploring Gods Word Creatively.

Bless It Forward Ministries, is not a ministry ran by a church or company. BIF Ministries does not have a big office for it HQ. BIF Ministries is ran by 1 person (little me) in my home, with a big passion for God and to share his Love to encourage and equip people to dig into His Word.

I currently run this ministry around my full time job as a child care provider I do from home and I also financially use my own wages to fund what I do here as a ministry. As I journey with God with Bless It Forward, it truly is in God’s hands and I have no idea where my walk with God in all this will go, but my prayer is that all those who stumble across Bless It Forward Ministries will be encouraged by the positive way I share, based on the foundation of my Christian Faith.

Over the years and especially the last year this little ministry has grown loads, more then I ever dreamed off! (#godamazing) and is reaching out to people all over the world, and after much prayer and quiet time, I have came to a decision to add a donation section to my website. For several years I have provided free Bible Journaling Printables and other Bible Journaling art items. While I do plan to continue providing these “freebies”, the cost of the web site and its upkeep are steadily rising and the Bless It Forward vision in continually growing, and I fund all this myself, so we are not looking for your support.

What your donation will enable me to do;

If you feel led to contribute to the continuation of the Bless It Forward vision it would be a gratefully received blessing and would be used fully for the furthering of the Bless It Forward mission of spreading God’s message and love.

  • Enable me to keep producing free bible journaling printables people all over the world can come and access to enjoy using in their own journaling.

  • Enable me to keep producing reading plans to encourage people to explore and grow in God’s word.

  • Most importantly to help me continue to build on the vision and outreach around the world to share God’s love and word.

I am not a charitable organization and there would be no receipt provided for the donation as it would not be a tax deductible donation. Please do not feel that you are in any way obligated to make a donation for using the “freebies”. They are all truly free and are made for you by me with joy and love in the prayerful hope that I can in some way assist you with your Praise Journaling.

Much love and many blessings!



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