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Bible journaling, sometimes called “Bible art journaling” or, “illustrated faith, is an artistic way to engage in worship with God and connect with Scripture. It is where people are creating in artistic ways on the pages of their Bible as a devotional process, but as you are engaging in different artistic methods, such as drawing, colouring, painting, etc you are also meditating over the scripture and thinking about what God is saying / teaching you through the scripture. It is also a great visual way to help you remember scripture as you connect with it, so bible journaling can transform the way you spend time in the Word.

The most important thing to remember about bible journaling there is NO right and NO wrong way to how you journal, it is not about having amazing bits of art in your bible, the most important thing is that you are in the word of God and connecting with Him. Your bible is your own personal journey with God and what you add to those page is between him and you. The idea is to engage with the Word of God in new ways that record personally inspiring scriptures in artistic ways, which serve to remind you of moments in your personal journey with God and help you grow in our faith. Bible journaling all begins within the margins of the Bible.

What Equipment To Use For Bible Journaling?

Before you begin, you can choose to buy a journaling Bible or you can just use a notebook, or an old normal bible and possibly some other items. Here's a list of supplies that I found to be most helpful when I started Bible journaling, which you can easily buy from local crafty stores and other shops.

Journaling Bible, Pens, Pencils, felt tips, colouring pencils, Watercolours, acrylic paints, Extra Paper, Stickers, Washi Tape, Highlighter. To start off with you may like to just use what you have at hand at home, as we often have quite a few craft bit laying around.

What bible to use?

There are many different types of Creative Journaling bibles to buy, which are specifically designed with wide margins to allow room for notes, doodles, artwork and adding embellishments etc. If you wish to purchase a creative bible journal, you will find them online from many different book sellers, such as Amazon, Eden Books and large bookstores if you have any near you.

But to start with you don’t have to journal in a bible, you can just start by journaling in a notebook. You may like to use an old bible you have, or look for one in a charity shop to give it try.

Ways to Encourage you journaling

  • Devotions - Daily devotions can often inspire and encourage your journaling as you do them to connect with God.

  • Prayer / Quite Time – Connect with god through your prayer and quite time, listen for what He is saying to you, and write down any thoughts and prayers you may want to journal, Pray / mediate on scriptures.

  • Worship Music – Lyrics to songs often help use to connect with God and can inspire us in our journaling

  • Bible study – are you currently enjoying a bible study, use that to help inspire your journaling.

  • Sermons – Use the word that was brought to you a church, what was Gods saying / teaching you through it.

  • Books – Are you reading a book, does something call out to you that leads you to a scripture, use it to inspire your journaling.

I Hope you find this blog useful. I hope you found the following information use, and hopefully you will be inspired to give bible journaling a go.

Remember to enjoy looking around our community.

Many Blessings!


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