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Hey Everyone,

I am so pleased you have come across Bless It Forward Ministries, My name is Emma Vickers, and I live in Long Eaton, in between Nottingham and Derby.


I just thought I would take a little time to share how Bless It Forward all started.....

Bless It Forward was established in January 2013, out of a passion within me to share how I enjoyed being creative with Gods word through creating papercut designs, which then progressed onto digital designs too, and I would often bless forward my design I created to friends, family and people who touched my life in some way, and that was how I got the name Bless It Forward, based on the bible verse Proverbs 3:3 “Never forget Kindness and truth.”


As I enjoyed creating and blessing forward my designs, I decided to set up Facebook page to share what I created and to hopefully encourage and inspire others along the way, as I journey with God and grew in His word. Over the first year when Bless It Forward started I did not really know the path it would take, it was just a hobby and I wanted to be able to spread some kindness around to make people smile. But soon I found a few people were wanting to order some of the designs I shared and a Bless It Forward Etsy shop was born. #godamazing


Over the years I have always tried to keep the focus of Bless It Forward on my Christian faith and sharing kindness, and encouragement with everyone I connect with through my Facebook page, and slowly over the years Bless It Forward, has slowly grown in to something so much bigger then I could ever have expected! Which is such an honour and blessing.


I always spend time praying over Bless It Forward and seeking Gods guidance on where to go with it, as I always want it to reflect my faith in God through it, as without the foundation of my faith in Him there would be no Bless It Forward, and back at the start of 2017 I felt God gave me a vision and mission statement for Bless It Forward to take it to it next stage in sharing and connecting with others. and wow what a year 2017 was, lots and lots seem to happen with Bless It Forward, first I revived this website and started to share my free resources more openly for people to access, a FB group I opened turned into a Bless It Forward -Bible Journaling Community, a place for people from around the world to connect, share and inspire each other through our walk with Jesus Christ, to encourage and build one another up, as we share together (1 Thessalonians 5:11). #wow #godamazing


At the start of 2018 I felt God was calling me to change the name of the FB page and it became Bless It Forward Ministries, and that’s the journey so far, and I am so excited to see where God is going to take it next, and so excited to have you journey with me along the way.



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